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Mental Health When You Working From Home

The pandemic of corona virus has bought a lot of changes in our working lifestyle. This massive outbreak of infection has resulted in Work from Home (WFH), for many. And this is where the challenge sets in, both mentally and physically.

Today, we look at answers to the questions that how the work from home can somewhat challenge your mental ability.

According to the 2017 report, the European foundation that works for the improvement of living and working conditions suggests that about 41% of the people who are working in remote areas or from home have a high-stress level compared to the 25% of people who work in the office. The kind of psychological stress these people experience might lead to depression.

It is quite evident that the COVID-19’s vigorous shift in the working style imposes a burden on everyone. So, people need to engage in some sort of stress-buster activities (within home again) that help to combat this challenge. These engagements improve your daily functioning even under difficult circumstances.

Here are some of the simple tips and tricks that will help you ward off depression while working from home

  • Call Your Best Friend/Cousin

You would benefits from calling or messaging your best person and talk to them about their day and send it your way. Or you choose to discuss your routine with your friend. Today people usually love to exchange voice calls over the internet or voice chat room online where they can simply hear the voice of their friends or family member for potentially warding off the feeling of isolation.

  • Diffusing Essential Oils in the Air

Nowadays, you can easily create an aromatic working environment for yourself by diffusing lavender oil essentials in your diffuser, at your home. This way the aromatic air will help to calm your nerves, make you feel relaxed, and helps to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. I prefer lavender oil as it can promote easier breathing by working as a decongestant. It can deodorize stale air, fabrics, and body odours.

  • Try Some Viral Cooking Videos

Whether you have sweet tooth or savour the taste; or you are an expert cook or not, you can always search for some easy to make lockdown recipes. This way you can channelize your energy into something useful and make best out the spare/ leftover time.

  • Not Take Too Many Vitamins

Many people don’t realize that taking too many vitamins and supplements can be range to some serious health issues. If you are eating healthy then you can always skip the vitamins or at least you should talk to a doctor before consuming them daily. There are many disadvantages of vitamins and supplements overdose, such as – vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, insomnia, depression, heart palpitation difficulty breathing. Certain vitamins are incorporated with the fat-soluble, and eating them daily can be extremely dangerous. Instead of the tablets or solid pills, you can look for some chewable or liquid.

  • Organizing Your Routine

Work from home can be made fun if you indulge in a balanced and calm working routine. Organizing your working desk and cleaning it regularly will help to overcome procrastination. Taking a short reliever will help to rejuvenate your mind. Try to get informed by gleaming upon some media-centric news but not diving deeply into every breaking news report because it will just stir in stress throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

By organizing your needs and keeping up with your clean eating practices you may keep up with stress, anxiety and boredom. Mental fitness is affected by reason like stay hydrated, exercising and breathing fresh air. Also, avoiding consuming too much alcohol or sugar is extremely necessary.

Good luck and taking good care of yourself during this lockdown evolving mentally and physically.